What is Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen

What is Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen – Appropriate board meeting, central bank governor Nasution said that the central bank will keep the BI rate is 5.75 percent because the inflation rate is expected to remain safe although slightly above the central bank and the government estimates. The inflation rate is still makes BI also optimistic of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar is still a safe and controlled.

In addition to inflation, the value of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar is also guaranteed by the adequacy of foreign exchange reserves as of March 2013 reached 104.8 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to 5.7 months of imports and debt repayments and interest abroad.  amount of foreign exchange it is safe because it is according to the standard IMF, foreign exchange reserves said to be safe if it can meet the import requirements and needs  3 months repayments and foreign interest.

Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen Only problem is, in my opinion, in addition to the quantity or amount of foreign exchange reserves should also have good quality. Purpose of foreign exchange reserves is a good quality in the form of foreign direct investment because it will last long enough in Indonesia. But most of Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves earned from “Hot Money” (Hot Money) the results of speculation that is placed on financial assets such as savings and short-term deposits of 1 year. Thus Evisa reserves, although large numbers will not mean anything because there are so events that could be considered  foreign exchange or foreign security that it will be easy once: run away “from Indonesia.

Then it became a challenge for the government to change the “hot money” into foreign direct investment long term. Unfortunately there has been no significant progress of Indonesia’s competitiveness to attract foreign direct investment to Indonesia. One of the obstacles to attract foreign direct investment in Indonesia is poor infrastructure and high economic costs caused by corruption and inefficient bureaucracy.

The situation can be seen as the effect of influences arising from factors specific to a time and place that is separated from the specific consumer characteristics and the characteristics of the object. Consumers situation is temporary environmental factors that lead to a situation in which consumer behavior appears at a certain time and a certain place. There are five characteristics of the consumer situation:

Physical Environment
Infrastructure which describes the situation of consumers which include: location, decor, aroma, light, weather and other physical objects that surround consumers.
Social Environment
Presence and absence of other people on the situation.
Time or when the behavior appears (hours, days, holiday season, the month of fasting, the new year). Time may be measured subjectively by the consumer situation, ie when the last time to buy biscuits. Meaning when the last time will be different among consumers.
Objectives to be achieved in a situation. Consumers are shopping for gifts will face a different situation than shopping for their own needs.
Mood or mental condition shortly (eg feelings of worry, tergesagesa, sad, angry) were brought to a situation

Influence the situation can be viewed as the effect arising from factors specific to a time and place that is free from specific consumer characteristics and the characteristics of the object. Consumer situation is temporary environmental factors that lead to a situation in which consumer behavior appears at a certain time and a certain place.
Types of consumer situations:
1.       Communication Situation
Communication can be defined as a situation in which consumers are exposed to background personal or non-personal communication. Personal Communications will cover conversations that may be held by consumers with others, such as salespeople or fellow consumers. Non-personal communication will be involved sprektum broad stimulus, such as advertisements and programs as well as consumer-oriented publications such as Consumer Reports.
To illustrate the potential impact of the communication situation, let us consider how the communication situation can mnentukan television advertising effectiveness. We focus on a particular form of communication for two reasons. First, spending on TV ads often get a significant part of the promotional budget. In this contest a number of characteristics of the situation may rise to the surface as a potential determinant of the effectiveness iklan.Pengaruh situation may also arise from a particular program in which the ad appears.
2.       Purchase Situation
Purchase situation refers to the setting in which consumers obtain products and services. Influence the situation is very prevalent during the purchase. As a simple example, consideration of great changes in consumer sensitivity to price at which the purchase situation. Food vendors will find it very difficult to charge the price that consumers pay for soda and snacks in theaters or baseball stadium. Influence the situation can be realized in various types of cala submarine purchase situation, several major forms described below.
·          Environment refers to a whole range of information relating to the data products available to consumers. The nature of the information environment will be an important determinant of market behavior when consumers are involved in some form of non-decision-making habits. Most of the main characteristics of the environment that includes the availability of information, the number of loads of information, and the way in which information is presented and organized.
·            Willingness is very important information. The absence of information regarding the performance of competing brands on some properties would preclude the use of such information for decision making. Availability of information sometimes will depend on the ability of consumers to get back information from memory.
·          Load information from the environment is determined by the number of alternative options and the number of properties peralternatif option, an increase in the number of alternative choices change the type of decision rules that consumers use for making decisions.
·            Format information is the way in which information is arranged. Can also affect consumer behavior. Use of this information by the consumer unit price may depend on how the information was compiled.

What is Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen

Forms of assessment information is numerical product, allowing consumers to more easily mentaksir difference diatantara many products. As a result, consumers are more likely to compare brands on the basis of the properties for the properties when brand information is presented in the form of numerical rather than semantic.·          Retail environment is the physical nature of the retail environment, often referred to as store atmospherics, very attractive to marketers because of two fundamental reasons. First, in contrast to a lot of different influences in the situation out of control. Second, this effect dibidikan to consumers exactly the right place in the store.·          Music is consumers will feel comfortable when purchasing with the music because it makes the spirit of the buyers is increasing. And many who come to kembalinlagi to store them.·          And spatial location within the store can be used to increase the likelihood of consumers come into contact with the product.·          Colour is a potential source of influence on consumer perception and behavior. Warm colors, such as red and yellow, appear more effective in people who are physically attractive, compared to the cooler colors such as green and blue.·          Material POP (point-of-purchase) or sale of the material where DAPT serve as a powerful stimulus. Demonstration and signs can increase the possibility of attracting the attention of consumers.·          Salespeople adalalah potential to influence consumers during shopping can be strongly influenced by the frontline staff retailers.
·          Crowding is the outer aspect of the retail background that may affect the shopping behavior is the perceived level of distress caused by the density of people shopping in the store.
·          The effect of time is where this situation applies to the demand for many products when the season arrives.
3.       Usage situation
Type rest of the consumer situation is a situation where the use refers to the background where consumption occurs. In many cases the purchase and consumption situation is the same, but prosuk consumption often occurs in the background very much, both physically and temporally, of the setting in which the product is obtained.

Increased consumer situation when the time interval since eating them grow. Appear to consumers who are overweight. Thus, the influence of the situation since the time when they are terkhir meals depending on the type of consumer.
The idea that consumers are not homogeneous in their response to the situation factor has an important implication for the installation market. Because different consumers may seek mafaat different products, which can change across different usage situations.

Marketers sometimes ask consumers their purchases tearget the intent to forecast demand for products in the future. Although the purpose of the purchase may be predictive of the future dating behavior, a major threat to the power of their perspective is a disorder caused by the effect of an unexpected situation. As an example. Mungkinsepenuhnya anticipating a consumer purchases a particular brand of potato kripikj during the next visit to the grocery store.
However, the purpose of this purchase may not be met if the product is exhausted or if there are other brands with kualitassama sold there. Conversely, a consumer may not be willing to buy berikunya may occur due to some sort of event that is not anticipated (eg, those who are not coffee drinkers to buy coffee for parents who like to drink coffee).

What is Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen